Water-Based Fluorescent Pigments Set

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Offering great value, this eight bottle complete set of water-based fluorescent pigments, are available in 50g and 100g bottles.

These highly concentrated fluorescent pigments, offering bold and vibrant colour, can be used with any of our water-based bases and whites. With a maximum ratio of 5% pigment to base, they offer great value and versatility for the crafter, creative or maker wanting to print using a variety of printing processes, including screen, stencil, block printing, lino-printing and many more.

Mix with a combination of white and clear bases to achieve beautiful, vivid colours. Pimp things up by mixing with other water-based pigments to create your own unique, brilliant colours.

N.B. May require a base white print underneath to achieve maximum vibrancy.


Additional information

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100 g, 50 g


  • Achieves high dry-wet rubbing and washing fastness.
  • Achieves high light-fastness and wash-fastness.
  • Strong pigmentation with high colour efficiency.


  • Highly pigmented dye used used to provide colouration of bases.
  • Stir thoroughly before use, do not use with additives that are not advised.

General Usage

  • Use (10%-12%) into water-based printing bases.
  • All water-based pastes can be coloured with this product.
  • Please Note: Wet & dry rubbing can be adversely affected if used above 12%..

Environmental Information

  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Organic (made from food) and Non-Toxic.


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