SW-20 White – 1kg

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The SW Series of Bases is a less viscous version of our premium S Series base and is designed to be used with finer screens, with high mesh counts. The SW Series is also packaged in sizes suitable for small volume and home production, perfect for the crafter, creative or maker. The SW Series bases are top of the range and offer ease of use and easy curing. They are designed to be coloured with our water-based pigments and pigment sets; up to 5% pigment in total can be added to either white or clear, or a combination of both.

SW-20 White is suitable for use across a variety of printing processes, including screen printing, screen printing with a stencil taped to the back of a screen, using a roller & lino but they are runny so it is better to use the S Series if using a brush with a stencil or Indian block printing.


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Supported by our Uras’ Colour Matcher ink mixing software to match any Pantone PMS number. The software shows you the recipe of pigments and bases you will need to match your choice of Pantone colour. Every colour you can imagine, available in minutes.

N.B. Pantone colours may require a base white print underneath to achieve maximum vibrancy.

Additional information

Weight 1.06 kg

1 Kg, 5 Kg


  • Non-clogging, works with high mesh counts.
  • Suitable for CMYK Printing.
  • Produces a soft hand feel White for photographic prints.
  • Excellent wash-fastness.
  • Free flowing, does not dry in the mesh and block the screen during production.


  • SW-20 White has been manufactured for use with fine meshes.
  • Never use water to reduce the viscosity.
  • Clean the screen with water after use.
  • Stir thoroughly before use, do not use with additives that are not advised.
  • Some advice on using crosslinkers and regulators for water-based inksWe have a range of products that work with our water-based bases, the following are suitable for use with the SW Series of bases:· If you are using emulsion and have developed your screen, you can add up to 5% D-40 retarder which will help prevent drying in the screen during production or downtime.· Add 1%-3% FFB57 Crosslinker to aid curing. This product improves dry/wet rubbing and wash fastness.· Add 0.5% -3% A25 Fixator to achieve air-curing simply by hanging the fabric or garment up for 24 hours. NOTE: Make sure you only add A25 Fixator to the exact amount you need for the day, the ink will no longer be usable in 24 hours.

    · All textile inks achieve optimum results if heat cured, although drying with a heat press, dry iron on the reverse of the fabric or by using a hair dryer will achieve good results for small volume or home production.

General Usage

Can be mixed with S-10 Clear, SW-10 Clear and S-20 White in any ratio.

Technical Details


  • 77T-120T mesh.

Squeegee Type

  • 70 – 80 Shore, V type dr blade

Curing Instructions

  • Cure at (140°C/280°F) for 2mins; or (160°C/320°F) for 1.5mins.

Environmental Information

  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Organic (made from food) and Non-Toxic.



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