PTF Thickener

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PTF Thickener is designed to increase the viscosity of water-based inks and bases. Even a tiny amount of this product will dramatically thicken the ink. This helps in hot and high productivity environments.

PTF Thickener is also packaged in sizes suitable for small volume and home production, perfect for the crafter, creative or maker.

Use PTF Thickener if you are a crafter, maker or designer wanting to use different printing processes like block printing, using a brush with stencils or rollers with linoleum.

Usage: This product is very strong and even a tiny amount makes a big difference. If you are working with very small ink quantities add 1 drip at a time, mix thoroughly and check before adding more.


Additional information

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100 g, 50 g


  • Very efficient thickening additive, even in small quantities, protects colour vibrancy.


  • Never use water to reduce the viscosity.
  • Clean the screen with water after use.
  • Stir thoroughly before use, do not use with additives that are not advised.

General Usage

  • Increases viscosity of water-based printing pastes and liquids with a pH 7 and above.

Environmental Information

  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Organic (made from food) and Non-Toxic.


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