Water-Based Pigments

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These highly concentrated pigments offer superb colour and can be used with any of our water-based bases and whites.


With a maximum ratio of 5% pigment to base, they offer great value and versatility for the crafter, creative or maker wanting to print using a variety of printing processes, including screen, stencil, block printing and many more.


Mix with a combination of white and clear bases to achieve beautiful, vivid colours.


Mix inks to match PMS Numbers with FREE Pantone matching software

Download and install Uras’ Colour Matcher – ink mixing software to match the Pantone colour library, with support of over 30,000 colours. The software shows you the recipe of pigments and bases you will need to match your choice of Pantone colour.

You can purchase just the pigments you need or go for one of our excellent value sets, containing all 15 pigment colours. Every colour you can imagine, available in minutes.

Full water-based Pigment Sets containing all 15 colours are also available in 50g & 100g bottles and offer great value for money.

N.B. May require a base white print underneath to achieve exact match to Pantone colours.

Additional information

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Water-based Pigment

Black KNG, Blue KBL (Turquoise), Blue KBT, Dark Brown KT, Fuschia KB, Gold Yellow KFT, Green KB, Navy KRL-E, Orange KG, Red KBD (Carmen), Red KG (Flag Red), Red KGC New, Scarlet KYD, Violet KRL, Yellow KLC


100 g, 50 g


  • Achieves high dry-wet rubbing and washing fastness.
  • Achieves high light-fastness and wash-fastness.
  • Strong pigmentation with high colour efficiency.


  • Highly pigmented dye used to provide colouration of bases.
  • Stir thoroughly before use, do not use with additives that are not advised.


  • Use (1%-5%) into water-based printing bases.
  • All water-based pastes can be coloured with this product.

Please Note: Wet & dry rubbing can be adversely affected if used at 5% or above.

Environmental Information

  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Organic (made from food) and Non-Toxic. 

Download Uras' Colour Matcher Software

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