PF Thinner

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PF Thinner is a phthalate free plastisol based thinner designed to reduce viscosity and retard the drying of PF plastisol inks and bases. 3%-5% PF Thinner can be added to any PF Series product, which will also help prevent drying/blocking in the screen mesh during production or downtimes.

PF Thinner is available in sizes suitable for large and small volume production and offers excellent thinning and retarding properties, ease of use and easy curing.

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1 Kg, 100 g, 50 g


PF Thinner prevents blocking and keeps the screen open during printing.

Easy to cure on press.

Use to reduce ink viscosity.


PF Thinner is used to reduce viscosity and act as a retarder.

General Usage

Use up to 5% as a thinner and retarder.

Environmental Information

  • Phthalate Free but does not conform to ecological standards because it contains PVC.