PF Glitter Base

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PF Glitter Base is a phthalate free plastisol base that improves the gild effect when using glitter pastes. Up to 25% Glitter Paste can be added to PF Glitter Base. PF Glitter Base produces vibrant glitter colours.

PF Glitter Base is available in sizes suitable for large and small volume production and offers excellent wet fastness, wash fastness, elasticity and ease of use.

Available in 1kg and 5kg tubs but we can supply in most sizes. Please get in touch to enquire about prices and sizes for your project and to order.

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  • Produces high wet fastness.
  • PF Glitter Base is easy to print and is easily cured with high wash-fastness.
  • Add 15%-25% glitter powder to this base for glitter applications.


  • PF Glitter Base provides alive glitter colours.
  • Additives to use with this product:· Add 15%-25% glitter (paste/powder)· All textile inks achieve optimum results when heat cured.

General Usage

  • Use 15%-25%.
  • PF Glitter Base can be used as glitter and gilt printing base.(between % 15-25).
  • Never use water to reduce the viscosity.
  • Stir product well before use, do not use additives that are not advised.
  • After printing, clean screens with synthetic thinner or plastisol screen opener.

Technical Details


  • 12T-27T mesh.

Squeegee Type

  • 50˚ – 70˚ Shore Hardness, V type blade.

Curing Instructions

  • Cure at 160°C / 320°F for 1.5 minutes.

Environmental Information

  • Phthalate Free but does not conform to ecological standards because it contains PVC.

Additional information

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1 Kg, 5 Kg