PF Flock Adhesive

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PF Flock Adhesive is a phthalate free plastisol adhesive for applying flock effects. PF Flock Adhesive can be mixed with any of the PF Plastisol Colours or with PF White bases in any ratio. 3% PF Catalyst (PF Plastisol Cross-linker) should be added to increase wash fastness and achieve the optimum bond. PF Flock Adhesive should be double cured.

PF Flock Adhesive is available in sizes suitable for large and small volume production and offers excellent wash fastness, elasticity and ease of use.

Please only add Catalyst to the amount of ink required for the job, because the inks are likely to dry and become unusable after 24 hours.


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1 Kg, 100 g, 5 Kg


  • PF Flock Adhesive can be easily used for flock application, including coloured flock.
  • Produces extremely high wash-fastness.
  • Excellent adhesive properties with a very strong bond.


  • PF Flock Adhesive is manufactured to apply flock to fabrics.
  • IMPORTANT: After printing PF Flock Adhesive the fabric should be laid on a metal plate and the flock powder applied with a grounded flocking machine. The ultimate wash-fastness is achieved with optimum powder application and following the curing instructions.

General Usage

  • Use neat 100%.
  • Use with PF Catalyser 3%.
  • Should be double cured for best results.
  • It can be mixed with PF series pigments and PF White in any ratio.
  • Never use water to reduce the viscosity.
  • Stir product well before use, do not use additives that are not advised.

Technical Details


  • 43T-90T mesh.

Squeegee Type

  • 50˚ – 70˚ Shore Hardness, V type blade.

Curing Instructions

  • Cure twice at 160°C / 320°F for 1.5 minutes or once for 3 minutes.

Environmental Information

  • Phthalate Free but does not conform to ecological standards because it contains PVC.