Firexo Pan Fire Extinguishing Sachet Triple Pack

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Set of 3 sachets, for all pan fires: The award-winning Firexo Sachet is a compact solution, designed to extinguish all pan fires (type F) quickly and safely. Includes 3 x single use sachets

Quick and easy to use: The Firexo sachet is simple – there is no need to open the Sachet. The fire ruptures the sachet and the fluid disperses and extinguishes the fire

No mess: Easy clean-up since the foamy sachet fluid stays inside the pan and can be easily disposed of afterwards. No nasty chemicals makes it more eco-friendly

Easy to use: Removes the confusion of which type of extinguisher to use on different types of chip pan fire. Suitable for ALL pan fires – puts out up to 3L of cooking oil

Fast and effective: Simply place into the pan carefully at arm’s length and release. Ideal for use in the home kitchen, when self-catering, RV, caravan, motor home and campsite

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Pack Contains: 3 Firexo Pan Fire Extinguishing Sachet.

Winner of the Innovation & Excellence Award

The Firexo Pan Fire Sachet is a compact solution designed to extinguish pan fires quickly and safely while reducing the risk of reignition.

Most domestic fires are started in the kitchen and often involve cooking oil. Traditional fire blankets are cumbersome to use, especially a panic or stressful situation. The Firexo sachet is easy to use no complicated instructions, just turn off the heat and place the whole unopened sachet into the pan and let Firexo do the work.

Easy to clean and safe to use.

Additional information

Weight 0.69 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 cm

Method of use

Turn off heat – Place into pan carefully at arm’s length
and release hand-applied unit immediately. DO NOT THROW.

Do not put hand within 100mm of burning pan for more than 4 seconds.

Do not open or cut sachet before use. Leave to cool for a minimum 30 minutes after the fire is extinguished – Dispose in general waste.

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